Reactor-88 Totem Monkey Paintings for New Moon show at Myplasticheart NYC
So here are the Totem Monkey paintings I made for the New Moon show at Myplasticheart that opened this past Friday. They are 6×6 acrylic on canvas. One thing that might not be immediately noticeable is that their eyes are all pointing in different directions- just a fun little detail I threw in. They sold in the preview before the show opened- thank you for your support! There are still a lot of awesome pieces left to purchase, so if you’re in the NYC area you should stop by MPH and check out the show.

I also did a small Reactor-88 website update. I’m really lagging on doing updates on my actual website. It’s so much easier to just post photos on Flickr, update my blog, etc, that the actual website is starting to feel like a burden. I’ve also been considering setting up an Etsy store- once that happens… Until then, I’ve posted all my latest custom toys and artwork up, and also updated my store section. I have various Spade-Skull and Totem-inspired custom toys still available and the Dr. Mario Virus Dunny set. Of course I’ll also throw in some cool little Spade-Skull buttons and stickers with your purchase- yeah!