Reactor-88 Rubber Stamp
So I recently had a custom art stamp made with my spade-skull logo. This had been on my “to-do” list for I don’t know how long, but after talking to Drilone about them and seeing his sig stamp, it got me motivated to finally just do it. I didn’t want some modern, plastic encased thing though- I wanted something that was a bit more warm and natural. So after a Google search I came across a site that made custom art/crafter stamps mounted on a nice little maple block. Usually they don’t have handles, but I opted to get one for a little bit extra. It turned out the handle was totally unnecessary and if I had known my stamp artwork was going to be engraved into the top of the block, I wouldn’t have covered it up with the handle- oh well. Anyway, I really dig my little wood stamp- now I just need something to stamp and I’ll be happy.