Spade-Skull Labbit
So here’s my finished 5-inch Labbit for the upcoming Uberbot Labbit show. I was literally putting a couple finishing touches on it this morning, took these photos, packed it up, and dropped it off at the post office this morning- since the deadline to get it over to them is next Monday. I’ve been wanting to do a Totem Labbit for ages (I’ve had a 10-incher primed up and sitting on my desk for ages), but with the time constraints I was under for this show, a Spade-Skull it had to be. Even still, these things take a long time. I had a few issues with the yellow, and since I used a flourescent orange, once again many, many coats of paint were necessary. In the end, I really liked how this guy turned out- hopefully everyone else will too.

A few more pics of this little guy can be found over on the Kidrobot Discussion Board here.