English Royal Guard Teddy Troop
So while I work on commission art, I try to work on a small, personal piece at the same time just to break things up a bit. Figuring I’ve got commissions lined up easily until the end of 2008, if I don’t work on a few things for myself once in a while I’d go crazy. With that said, here’s my latest “me” piece- a 4-inch custom Teddy Troop based on those famous English Royal Guards. This was one of those projects I’d had on my list for a while, I’d just never gotten around to working on it. I had kind of forgotten about this, and then I saw a photo of a royal guardsmen and the idea popped back into my head. I was hoping I’d be able to get the flocking on the helmet a little bit “shaggier”, but I was happy with the way it turned out. This little guy will be going up in my web store pretty soon- he’d make a great late holiday gift.