Spade-Skull Ghost Sqwert
So I finished this custom Sqwert late last year, but at the time I thought I wanted to do a bit more to it. Because of that, I deemed it not complete. I threw around the idea of putting a very faint light inside, and possibly adding a coat of pearl over the whole thing. As it’s been sitting here next to my computer for the last two months, I’ve realized that it’s a cool little custom just how it is. The monochromatic Spade-Skull/vine design laid over the frosted clear vinyl has a very interesting look. I guess another thing that made me think I should just leave this little guy alone was the fact that it (along with my Spade-Skull Ice Bot) was one of the two pieces in my 2007 retrospective that got the most individual standout comments. Interesting seeing as how they are both still in my personal collection (ie- not sold yet…) Since other folks seemed to dig it in what I thought was an unfinished form, that was the icing on the cake. So it is officially done and posted on my site.