Jumpin' James
I’m guessing most of the folks reading my blog (all two of you) have visited my website and realize I’m not just about toys, totems and spade-skulls. Now for a little history lesson for those that didn’t know this. Before I got into the custom toy scene, I was a pretty serious (at least in my mind) digital artist. I was into it all- 3D, animation, 2D motion, illustration, design, and every other thing that you could think of that would fall into that category. One of my favorite things to work on was collages. I loved taking photographs and 3D elements and mix those with some Photoshop and Illustrator work. If you poke around on my website you’ll see many examples of this- Flower Power, Sinner, and of course my SS Design Modules. With that said, lately I’ve been spending a bit more time in the digital realm (don’t worry, I’m still painting toys) and decided to resurrect a little collage I started a good year ago (I think?) If I remember correctly, I really wanted to go crazy with it- bring in a lot of “grunge” and layers and make it really dense and loud. But for some reason this morning when I started looking at it, I really started to like the simplicity of it.  So I moved a few things a bit, cropped it down a little, and voila- it is finished. Since the blog pic is so tiny, you find a larger version on my website, or just click this link here. Note, the photos are courtesy of Potato Grande.