Toy Site Design Comp
So my Reactor-88 site is almost two and a half years old. In internet years that’s like dinosaur old. Granted it’s gotten a few updates, but for the most part the design and code have stayed pretty much the same. There was the migration to XML to dynamically generate my gallery sections, but that was probably more than a year ago. So it’s been in the back of my mind since last year to start thinking about updating “the reactor.” I started working on some comps a while back, but got more interested in general cleanup and code optimization. Since I’ve been in a “code mood”, I’m thinking about the structure and code requirements I’ll need for the new site, but I’m still far off as far as the design and direction I want to go. In the meantime, I’ve decided to take on a smaller project to get myself in the proper mindset. This smaller project happens to be a subdomain “site” for just my toys. The pic above is a comp that will most likely be what the final homepage of the site will look like. Like it’s older, bigger sibling- it will be all Flash/Actionscript. I thought about doing a full CSS/XHTML site sprinkled with some Flash, but now because of some of the feature ideas I had, I think it will have to be all Flash. But as usual, I have about a zillion other priorities right now (shows, commissions, freelance work, and that pesky day job), so it will be a while before this sees the light of day.