New Spade-Skull Mini Dunnys
Here are some new 3-inch Dunny customs I just finished up. I like to paint minis once in a while. I use them as a way to relax while I’m working on other projects. I try to have at least one mini in progress while I’m working on various commissions and show pieces. They’re so small I can turn them around a lot faster, which is nice when I’m consistently working on the same large piece for weeks on end. These four little guys have been in a various stages of completion since the beginning of summer. After I finished my custom Stitch, I decided to take a little break and finish these guys up. I was in a flocking mood for a while, so most of my recent minis have been flocked, and I followed suit with three of these four. The little black and white one was supposed to be a Halloween skeleton guy, but the 31st came and went really fast. Anyway, I’m already back plugging away at my commission list, but I’m hoping to turn out a couple more minis before the end of the year. Stay tuned.