Reactor-88 Homepage Updated
I figured since it was the start of a new year, I should start off with something fresh for 2009. Note- I’ve been talking about redesigning my four year-old site now for the last few years, but it’s always taken a back seat to other commitments. I figured since it still might be some time before I get around to a full redesign, I should at least try to update my background image. When I first put up the site, I thought my techie/satellite/robot art image was cool and worked well with how I wanted my site to be portrayed. I initially created that image in 2002 as part of my Chaos Module series of digital art works. Well, it’s now 2009 and while it still may be cool in some way, it’s not really the look and feel I want my site to have. So I’ve drawn out a more organic vine pattern incorporating my Spade-Skull logo, but still kept it in the distorted, layered and slightly digital style that the satellite robot image had. Hopefully I’ll get some time before 2010 to do a full redesign of the site, but until then I think this is a good start. Happy 2009!