Reactor-88 Dig Dug Dunny Set
So once all my 2008 show commitments were complete around November last year, I started working on commissions again. To keep from burning out, I like to work on some 3-inch customs just for fun while I’m working on projects for clients. Since everyone always wants Totems or Spade-Skulls, it’s nice when I can turn out some small customs that are different once in a while. I have a list of custom ideas that I’m hoping to get to one day, but since I’ll probably be painting commissions for another couple years, if I ever expect them to see the light of day they’ll have to be in mini form. This newest set of minis is from that list. Dig Dug was one of my favorite video games when I was growing up. I remember spending hours at the arcade on just a couple of quarters, constantly glued to this game. With all the incredible video game consoles these days, the simplicity of games like Dig Dug probably wouldn’t hold many folk’s attention now. But I have very fond memories of this game (as well as many other 8-bit games) and still play it once in a while. So I decided to pay tribute to it by creating this little set of 3-inch custom Dunnys.

Update- These little guys got a quick feature on Toysrevil– thanks Andy!