It’s simple- send me an email to with the name of the piece you want- you can purchase more than one if you’d like to. Note, I will update this post when certain ones are sold, but there is the possibility that before that happens I’ll get multiple emails from multiple people who want the same piece- I hate when that happens but it unfortunately does. In that case it’s the email that hits my inbox first (makes sense right?) I will reply via email if you’re the first to call dibs or not.

So here’s the pic of them again:
Reactor-88 Custom 3-inch Dunnys for Reactor-88 Big Cartel Store Opening

Update: Only the Cavemen Dunnys are still available- buy them as a set and save $15.

SOLD – Totem Gold/GID – $55 plus shipping
SOLD – Totem Blue/White – $50 plus shipping
SOLD – Totem Red/Black – $50 plus shipping
SOLD – Spade-Skull Orange/Brown/Black – $45 plus shipping
SOLD – Yokai – $50 plus shipping

SOLD – Caveman Tog (with Bone accessory) – $40 plus shipping
SOLD – Caveman Bonk (with Club accessory) – $40 plus shipping
SOLD – Cavemen (as a set) – $65 plus shipping

Shipping is $5 in the US, $10 international