So last year I had someone who had purchased one of my custom toys ask if they could send it back for a repair job. It seems the toy fell off their shelf and an ear broke off. I want the people that support my art toy efforts to be happy, so I gladly told them to send it on back. A few days later it arrived, so I went ahead and glued the broken part back on, repainted the seam, added a new shot of clear coat and sent it on back. Oddly enough not too long after that I got a couple of messages from collectors that a few of my older pieces had started to get tacky. Well, it’s no secret that some customs seem to have this issue where they get tacky after a while (most notably when they were sprayed with some sort of aerosol clear coat), so again I told them to send them on back and I’d fix them up.

More about the clear coat thing- I’m now using a brush on acrylic varnish for my final clear coats and it seems to be resistant to getting the stickies. Anyway, back to my main story?

Just a few months back one of my favorite collectors purchased one of my early customs (the Totem Teddy Troop) off of another collector. Needless to say it had a few scratches and scuffs and was a little sticky, so he inquired if he could send it back for some touch-up work. Once again I gladly accepted. So what am I getting at here? Well, if you have one of my custom painted toys in your collection and it’s got some issues (scratches, chips, broken parts, bad clear coat, etc.) and you’re willing to pay for shipping (to and from), I’d be more than happy to give the piece a little “spa treatment”. Granted this service isn’t my top priority so I may ask you to wait a bit if I’m in the middle of a crazy deadline, but just know I’ve got you covered.