Spade-Skull Poker Chips
This was kind of an odd project when I got the request, but I think it turned out pretty cool. I was approached about using my Spade-Skull logo on some poker chips a few months back. The client found it by googling “spade” and “skull” thinking some cool card/gambling related artwork would pop up, and low and behold my logo caught their eye. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but this was a small personal project that wasn’t going to be used commercially or anything, so I figured it would be cool. It could have been really easy for this person to just grab a pic of my Spade-Skull logo off the net and use it without my permission and I’d probably never know, so I thought it was pretty stand-up that they contacted me and asked my permission, etc. Anyway, I got the samples in last week as you can see by the pic. Now if only I was a poker player I’d be making my own set now.